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Kent Beck Some years back I heard Paul McCready, the human powered flight pioneer, talk about asking for what you need. He was talking with a friend about his impossible search for a pilot for what became the Gossamer Condor. His friend said, "Just tell me what you need." "Well, I need a world-class bicycle racer weighing no more than 130 pounds with an advanced degree in aeronautical engineering. Oh, and unemployed." "That sounds like my roomate," his friend responded. The team had their pilot and McCready had learned to ask for what he needed.

Here's what I need: I need to make a reasonable living technically involved in long-term engagements where I can do most of the work from here in southern Oregon (I travel with my family when I travel on business, so remote engagements are easier to arrange than on-site engagements). When working on-site, my partner Cynthia Andres and I work together: I focus on technology and she focuses on people issues. I like having broad impact on the organizations I work with. I enjoy a broad portfolio of responsibilities where I can make distant and unusual connections between ideas.

Not to limit the possibilities, but this could translate to an individual contributor on a project, a technical advisory board, mostly-remote mentoring/consulting, a research fellow, or a code/project reviewer.

Does any of this overlap what your project needs? Please let us know. Not quite your project, but close? We are good at finding ways to accomodate diverse needs.